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Fleetguard ES Compleat EG Premix 50 50 1 Gal - CC2825X

Fleetguard ES Compleat EG Premix 50/50 1 Gal - CC2825

Product Comments
  • Life-of-the-Engine, 1,000,000-mile coolant*
  • Provides antifreeze and antiboil protection
  • Superior liner pitting and corrosion protection
  • Superior aluminum and solder protection
  • Compatible with gaskets, elastomers and other nonmetallics in the engine
  • Optimizes cooling system performance and water pump life
  • Contains proprietary scale inhibitors
  • Compatible with all other antifreeze/coolants
  • Available in concentrate, 50/50 and 60/40
  • For all Heavy Duty diesel and gas engines
  • Additive levels easily maintained via DCA4 liquid, or DCA4 chemical filters
* Ensure proper additive levels and coolant pH through coolant testing and the addition of SCAs or new coolant if necessary. Testing your coolant every 150,000-miles or 4,000-hours is recommended to identify system contamination and to screen for engine problems.

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