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Webasto Thermo Top C Heater Diesel Kit with Enclosure 12V - 5013389A

Thermo Top Evo Diesel Kit w/enclosure - 5013389A

5013389A supercedes 5010087A.

The Thermo Top Evo is a popular engine pre-heat option. Provides improved user experience and continues the Webasto heritage as a leader in idle-reduction, fuel efficiency and emission control. That means you save fuel, reduce engine wear, maintenance costs and exhaust emissions by not idling.

Kit Contents:

  • Thermo Top Evo Heater
  • Enclosure Box w/ Removeable Cover
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Wiring Harness w/ Deutsch Connector (6.1 M)
  • Fuel Line (5 M)
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Pump
  • Standpipe
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Exhaust Tube w/ Endcap (1 M)
  • On/Off Rocker Switch

      Thermo Top EVO Datasheet

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