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Webasto Heaters

Webasto Coolant Heaters: Engine-Off Heating

The solution to your DPF issues: Webasto. By pre-heating the engine, you can remove cold starts, lower PM emissions and maintenance costs.

  • Lower filter overloading, face plugging and thermal cracking
  • Lower maintenance costs raise diesel particulate filters (DPF) performance
  • Increase diesel particulate filters (DPF) service life & save thousands of dollars in fuel

    Webasto Air Heaters: Dependable Bunk Comfort & Fuel Savings

    Webasto air heaters keep drivers warm without idling and supply unparalleled efficiency. The fuel savings accumulate rapidly and provide a quick return on investment – heat the bunk area for up to 22 hours with as little as 1 gallon of fuel.

    • Quiet operation permits drivers to rest more comfortably by providing steady engine-off heat
    • Environmentally cleaner & require less maintenance than other options
    • Programmable heater start time is accessible with the SmarTemp Control 2.0 controller

    Cutting back on idling can result in thousands of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs!

    Webasto Jumper Harness SmarTemp Control - 5012138A

    Webasto Jumper Harness SmarTemp Control - 5012138A

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