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Power Service Fuel Additives

Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost

A complete injector cleaner and performance enhancer. Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost is comprised of cetane, detergent and lubricity enhancer to ensure optimal diesel performance.

Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost

A winterizer/antigel. Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost prohibits fuel gelling and defends against fuel-filter icing.

Diesel 9•1•1

A winter emergency use product. The Winter Rescue Formula of Diesel 911 improves the flow of diesel fuel to an engine created by gelled fuel or frozen fuel-filters.

Clear-Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner

An advanced diesel fuel and tank cleaner. The Fuel Polishing Formula of Clear-Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner eliminates water and slime, scatters contaminants and steadies fuel during long-term storage.

Bio Kleen Diesel Fuel Biocide

A dual phase biocide designed to eliminate microbes in fuel, including bacteria and fungus.