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Cummins Onan Generator OnaMax 15W-40 Oil - 326-5336

Cummins Onan Generator OnaMax 15W-40 Oil - 326-5336

OnaMax Oil 15W-40, 1 Quart

OnaMax™ 15W-40 is factory tested to offer maximum protection. The OnaMax™ engine oil is specially formulated to reduce consumption and engine wear due to high temperature oil oxidation and viscosity increase. All Onan Generators from the factory are shipped with OnaMax™ 15W-40.

32oz bottle size. 

NOTE: Multi-grade oils such as SAE 15W-40 are recommended for year-round
use in Cummins liquid-cooled engines, or as a good all-season oil for air-cooled
engines. SAE-30 is the preferred summer grade for optimum oil consumption control in Cummins air-cooled engines.

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