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Onan Filter - 122-0645

Cummins Onan Generator Oil Filter - 122-0645

Oil Filter 122-0645

Compatible with Onan Generator Models: BGE (Spec A-E), BGE (Spec F), BGE (Spec G), BGE (Spec H), BGE (Spec J-P), BGEL (Spec A-E), NHEL pre-97 (Spec F), Gasoline BGM (Spec A-F), Gasoline BGM (Spec G-H), BF Power Drawer (Spec A), BFA RV (Spec A), BFA RV (Spec B-D), BGA RV (Spec A), BGA RV (Spec B-D), BGAL RV (Spec C)

Green Label Parts oil filters feature valves that allow oil to bypass the oil filter during cold starts, or if the filter becomes plugged. Other manufacturers' oil filters often do not have bypass valves. As these "will-fit" filters trap debris, oil pressure starvation can occur, leading to high oil pressures, failed gaskets, and even engine damage. Please refer to your Operator's Manual for specific maintenance intervals. We do not have a wrench for this filter.

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