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Fleetguard FS43258 Fuel/Water Separator for Cummins ISB6.7

Fleetguard Cummins ISB6.7 Fuel/Water Separator - FS43258

Fuel/Water Separator - Filter-In-Filter

Overall Height 158.03 mm (6.222 inch)
Largest OD 98.34 mm (3.872 inch)
Largest End ID 20.6 mm (.811 inch)
BPV Setting No
Emulsified Water Separation 95.0
Free Water Separation 95.0
Primary Applications
CHRYSLER 68061634AA All Applications
CUMMINS 5257768
Maitenance Kits
Included in following Dodge Ram Maintenance Kits:
'07-'09 Standard and '07-'09 Premium


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