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The Advantage of Fleetguard

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The most cohesive engine and filter relationship, and the history, innovation, and expertise that created it.

Our History

The story of Fleetguard begins in 1958. At this time, it had become clear that a filtration company was needed to meet the high-performance needs of Cummins diesel engines. Rather than trying to find a company that might be able to meet our needs, we set out to do things ourselves. The original bag filters were hand sewn. Now, over sixty years later, Cummins Filtration is leading the way in innovative filtration products for heavy-duty diesel engines. We’ve grown from a couple of employees passionately working long days to sew bag filters by hand to a global presence on six continents and over 4,000 employees.

The Fleetguard Advantage

Fleetguard is the only filter manufacturer that is also part of an engine manufacturer. It might seem like a no brainer, but we’re the only company doing it, and this business structure truly does provide an advantage. Fleetguard and Cummins work hand in hand to provide the very best engine protection, and as an engine is tested, the filters are tested alongside it. We have the benefit of testing the filters’ capabilities in many engine test cell and field trial environments around the world. When we bring a product to market, you know it’s been proven to work over millions of miles and thousands of hours. Working side by side with the engine manufacturer is unique in the filtration market, and it shows in the quality and technology of our products.


Since those first hand-sewn bag filters, Cummins Filtration has led the industry. Our innovative products are designed to increase vehicle uptime, optimize engine performance, decrease environmental impact, and provide longer life for equipment to protect the owner’s investment. Cummins Filtration innovation has resulted in over 200 active global patents for product technology. We’re always striving to push the boundaries of design and performance. All of this work has paid off and received recognition. Over the years, we’ve won industry and customer awards for our product technology. Some of our greatest innovative advancements include our NanoNet® and StrataPore® medias, the advanced Venturi nozzle design on lube filtration systems, our SpiraTec™ technology delivering increased efficiency for centrifugal filtration, and our complete line of open and closed crankcase ventilation systems that enable major OEMs to meet ever-increasingly rigid emission regulations.

Coolants and Chemicals Expertise

Cummins has also been producing coolant solutions for over 50 years now. Under the Fleetguard brand, Cummins offers a variety of coolant solutions to meet many specific engine application needs. Our top of the line ES Compleat® OAT (Organic Acid Technology), is a life-of-the-engine coolant. With today’s major engine OEMs in mind, the Cummins Filtration coolant experts have carefully engineered our products to offer maximum protection and compatibility.

Our Warranty

The warranty offered with the Fleetguard products is truly one of the best in the industry. Unlike our competitors, our warranty isn’t pro-rated. This means every product is fully protected through the recommended service life. Most other companies decide how long they’d like to cover a product, which is often much shorter than the service life recommendation and long before problems might actually occur. And in the rare occasion you need to return something to Cummins, we offer a hassle-free process. At the end of the day, our warranty works for you, and that’s how it should be.

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